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The addition of raw materials to the melting furnace is critical in the glass-making process. Problems during this stage can significantly impact production efficiency, operating costs and business profitability.

Key areas of consideration for charging systems: furnace and glass types, raw materials and melting profiles, product and required quality, personnel and energy availability.

Glass melting

We are the most experienced provider for batch charging technology with a consultancy service that’s second to none, offering a wide range of standard and bespoke charging solutions to match all your requirements.

Batch Feeding Equipment

Oscillating Charger (OBC)

ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE WORLDWIDE Optimal batch coverage, efficiency and safety. The Oscillating Batch Charger (OBC) is suitable for all furnace sizes and types. We offer 6 standard sizes (Non standard available) with features customised to your furnace. Glassworks were the first provider to introduce the OBC onto an end fired furnace combined with more than 50 years Industry experience and more than 1150 units supplied worldwide and understanding is assured. With this unparalleled experience we have developed varying designs and customisations specific to customer needs and requirements - from budget or drive systems to interfacing technology. As precision engineers we are perfectly capable to adapt and customise to address specific issues or solutions to help you gain greater efficiency and an improved return on your investment (ROI) With Glassworks your profitability and productivity is assured by a trusted and dynamic provider. CORE VALUES ALIGNED WITH MODERN FLEXIBILITY

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Static Charger (SC)

ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE WORLDWIDE Both durable and inexpensive, our Static Batch Charger is suited to more challenging operating conditions and will effectively seal a 'doghouse'. Extra control and production flexibility is gained from our Twin Pusher System.

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Screw Charger (SCC)

ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE WORLDWIDE Screw chargers are suitable for all sizes of furnace. As each unit can be inserted directly through the furnace structure. Screw chargers are predominantly applied when sealing is the main priority - in particular when using Oxy fuels or in the manufacture of fibre glass. Each Glassworks Screw charger is manufactured to the highest quality and ISO9001:2008 Standards. The charger is specific to your requirements with a number of bespoke options to customise the equipment to support productivity and profitability. Our TWIN Screw Charger System may be applied when greater flexibility or improved batch distribution is necessary.

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X / Y And Boom Chargers (XYC/BC)

ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE WORLDWIDE For Electric furnaces of different shapes and sizes - where normal capability is between 1.5 - 100 tpd - our chargers are bespoke to customers specific requirements, be these mechanical or electrical. All of our equipment is manufactured to the highest quality and ISO9001:2008 standards. We helped to design the first electric furnace which was introduced back in 1959. By utilising our vast knowledge of electric melting gained from our experience with (Sn02) Melting electrodes we are ideally placed to both meet and deliver on your needs.

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Letterbox Charger (LBC)

ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE WORLDWIDE Each Glassworks Letter Box Charger is manufactured to your specific requirements – whether mechanical or electrical – to the highest quality and ISO9001:2008 Standards. Suitable for all furnace sizes with a closed doghouse - we offer a number of customisations to suit your budget and requirement.

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Pusher Type Charger (PTC)

ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE WORLDWIDE Only suitable on open doghouses this basic and rugged charger is used on furnaces of varying sizes. However the open doghouses can not be selaed and as such heat loss, health and safety and thermal efficiency are issues. With these now as far serious considerations this type of charger is much less prevalent. Glassworks manufactures bespoke units to customer requests. Furthermore we also offer technical expertise and consultancy to allow the retrofitting of more modern equipment onto existing customer doghouses.

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Aqua Sprays / Hydra Mixers

When a fine batch is used furnace life, output and glass quality are all affected by inconsistencies in moisture content and dust dispersal. The Glassworks Aqua-Sprays/Hydra Mixers can effectively introduce finely controlled wetted batch to address these issues. All are bespoke units calculated, designed and manufactured in accordance with your needs whilst accounting for any constraints or previously set limitations. With Glassworks you receive a fully engineered solution.

Vibratory Feeder Systems

ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE WORLDWIDE The feeding method and system can be an equally important part of the charging process. Glassworks offer integrated vibratory feed systems (electromagnetic or counter balance motors) with technical advice bespoke to the individual requirement and charging system. Our systems can be retrofitted - we offer all relevant technical and electrical support.

Spare Parts & Refurbishment

Core Traditions aligned with Modern Flexibility As specialists we offer a complete service of spare parts for all batch chargers. (Mechanical and Electrical) Many parts are standard across our machines and can be dispatched within 24- 48 hours. With in-house packing and export departments we can help to resolve your issues or streamline your supply chain. DEPENDABILITY Total refurbishment or crisis management - whatever the budget we offer a service to match. As precision and bespoke manufacturers we are uniquely placed to give you this key benefit. Your Productivity and Profitability are supported by a dynamic yet trusted provider.

Training & Commissioning

EXACTING STANDARDS. EXEMPLARY SKILLS Glassworks offer the complete service. From training here at Glassworks using our Test facility for your own staff, On-site engineers to commission at start up or to assist with the retrofit of equipment during a rebuild / preventative maintenance Glassworks remain your trusted provider throughout the furnace campaign and beyond and not just until the point of sale.

Specials & Customisation

CORE TRADITIONS ALIGNED WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY Combining our heritage as skilled precision engineers with our extensive knowledge of glass melting gives Glassworks a unique position in allowing us to react to your needs and to provide you with tailored solutions that are both practical and commercially viable. Customising equipment to your needs.

Glass Blowing Equipment

EXACTING STANDARDS. EXEMPLARY SKILLS Blowing irons, Gathering and Punty irons are tools used in the process of hand blowing glass. We offer a bespoke manufacture for material, length, diameter and even handle type. We will also manufacture polished steel Marving Tables to order - the chilling table used to help shape the glass gather.

Tin Oxide Electrodes & Connector Systems

Engineering excellence in the heartland of Britain's industrial heritage. When consistent high quality glass output is critical to both your productivity and profitability Stannex Tin Oxide Electrodes can be the preferred electrode choice for a wide range of applications and differing types of furnace and glass. Applicable in Melting, Boosting and Refining with our meticulous manufacture, uncompromising quality and our wealth of technical expertise you are assured of exceptional value. Furnace, forehearth or feeder channel life is often - and unnecessarily - compromised. By choosing pure isostatically pressed and sintered Stannex Tin Oxide Electrodes, perfected connector systems and expert design all uncertainty is removed. All connector systems for Rod or Block electrodes are manufactured in house and paired specifically to the electrode. We adhere to the highest quality and ISO/9001 Standards. Please visit our sister site for more details

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