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Suppliers of heritage glass equipment

Glassworks Hounsell not only produce heavy duty equipment used in the glasswork manufacturing process and precision engineering, we also produce traditional heritage equipment such as blowing irons, gathering irons and punty irons used in the process of hand blowing glass.

Blowing Irons (punties)

Glassblowing is a glass-forming technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble (or parison) with the aid of a blow Iron (or blowpipe). The person who blows glass is called a glassblower or gaffer. Glasswork Hounsell has manufactured blow irons for decades. Blow Irons can be manufactured in several material combinations.

Gathering Irons

A gathering iron is an iron rod used for gathering molten glass, used in the glassblowing process.

Marver tables

A marver is a tool used in the glassblowing process. It generally is made of a polished steel, brass, or graphite surface, which is attached to a metal or wooden table. … Warm glass is rolled on the marver, both to shape it and as a means of temperature control.

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Marver tables, gathering Irons, punties and blowing Irons from part of our glass heritage equipment supply solution. Call now, 01384 560666 for a competitive cost and firm delivery schedule or click here to use our contact form.