Glassworks Hounsell’s roots trace back for more than a century and we have been producing high-quality precision-engineered equipment for the glass industry for many decades. Our equipment is designed to work optimally with the glass industry’s demands – a trusted technology with improved custom innovations to suit a given requirement.

Equipment for the glass industry must be able to withstand extreme operating environments, hence the need for a specialist manufacturer to ensure quality and the lifespan of products. The equipment is required to feed hundreds of tonnes of (recycled) raw material over a 24 hours day, 7 days a week operating within a harsh environment with interfacing temperatures often around or beyond 600 degrees Celsius. In such harsh conditions, having the best quality products for the job is essential, to cut down on maintenance and repairs which can hold up production.

Glassworks Hounsell manufactures many types of batch charging and feeding systems for all furnace sizes and glasses. As a long-standing British manufacturer, you are assured of high-quality products and skilled engineers working on your orders. We are also SO9001 registered to add extra peace of mind to our customers.

For this customer, we have produced oscillating batch chargers, 3.5m electromagnetic vibratory feeders and the PLC control system, all of which have been custom produced by our in-house team of skilled precision manufacturing engineers. They have successfully undergone rigorous testing including the customer’s own factory acceptance test prior to sign off and packing. The consignment has then been carefully packed in-house and has now started its journey to the new home in the far east. We have been in close contact with the customer every step of the way so they can be assured they are receiving a product that is precisely tailored to their needs.

Glassworks Hounsell are very proud to continue its long-standing support and supply of the global glass industry. Within the last 12 months we have also carried out bespoke precision work for the printing, packaging, confectionary, marine, defence, aviation, aluminium, oil and gas industries to name a few!

Our capabilities are wide-reaching and we have a wealth of in-house skills in machining and fabrication thanks to our engineers. We have a range of CNC machines, including our largebed VMC, measuring in at 3000mm x 1600mm x 80mm with a capacity of 10,000kgs.

Please contact us for any batch charging query or for any further information to see how we can help improve equipment and machining for your industry:

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