Batch chargers are used by the glassworks industry as a controlled means of moving batch material from the batch house to the furnace. This control allows for the regulation of the furnace temperature and ensures a more consistent production process.Within the glassworks industry, firms are required to operate a variety of heavy machinery, each forming a vital component of the production process. As a result, if one element of this, such as a batch charger, becomes damaged or unusable, production can be severely affected.

When this happens, firms have two choices: either repair or replace. Both of these options could prove costly if the machine fault is of a serious nature, replacement especially will likely prove more costly at almost every turn and is only worth considering when there is a visible return on investment.

An alternative, however, which could avoid having to resort to either option, is for firms to have their batch chargers refurbished. This process can return used chargers to a ‘like new’ state, and help avoid expensive machine breaks and production stoppages.

At Glassworks Hounsell, we can offer a full batch charger refurbishment process focussing on crisis management; including a 100 point inspection, water pressure checking, material thickness measurement, painting, stripping, and sandblasting.

To learn more about how batch charger refurbishment can help reduce your costs, contact Glassworks Hounsell today.